Posted on: October 12th 2020

Year 11 - Pre Public Examinations (PPEs)

Dear Parents/Carers

Our annual Pre Public Examinations (PPEs) for GCSE and BTEC will begin on the 16th November, which is a week later than originally published in our calendar. The date change is to give our students another week of learning and teaching to help prepare them for these examinations.

These exams provide an essential opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the format and content of GCSE and BTEC papers and give both them and their teachers a clear indicator of current and future academic performance. The results are also used by the school to further identify those who require additional help and support. It is therefore imperative that pupils put 100% effort in to all revision and exam performance.

Before half term, your child will receive their personalised PPE timetable. I will also write to you again with more details about their timetables and expectations for these exams.

In the meantime, we are encouraging our year 11s to begin their revision now and are offering them lots of support in school as many children do find independent study very daunting. Below is Loom video, which was presented to students, about effective revision techniques.

Click on the picture to view the Loom video from Mrs Lewry

Chs master purple logo (5) USE

In addition, Mr Freeman, our Head of Year 12, will be running a study skills session on Wednesdays (3.15 to 4pm) to further support our year 11s with effective revision strategies and prepare them for their PPEs.

Supervised study is proving popular with year 11. Thank you for your support in encouraging your child to attend. Below is the timetable of the subject staff available after school each day. It also includes further information about the breakfast sessions and the taught intervention sessions.

I am so proud of the conduct of our year 11 students during supervised study time. They work so hard and are incredibly polite and grateful to the staff who are present to support them. Also, the support our year 11s give each other during these sessions is just fantastic. It really is a pleasure to spend time with them after school.

I hope the information below and attached is useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any worries or concerns about the forthcoming exams or if I can support in any way.

Yours faithfully

Naomi Lewry
Deputy Headteacher