Posted on: May 6th 2020

VE Day 75th Celebrations 1945-2020

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A message from Mrs Read

If you are anything like me, you are spending most of your days in a confused state of what day of the week are we on.  This is normally something we experience at Christmas, or when there is a Bank Holiday.  To make it more confusing this week does contain a Bank Holiday, but it is not were it normally is on a Monday, but has been moved to Friday.     This is for a very special reason, the 75th anniversary of VE DAY.

VE Day is very important for us to remember, now more than ever, because it was a day really about celebrating how we stood together as a nation, to overcome a difficult time and we worked together to defeat an enemy.  Today we, in a different way, have stood together as a nation; think isolating, challenges of home education, Clap for NHS on Thursdays, to defeat an enemy - the virus.  VE Day teaches us that when we pull together we can get through this and that we too will soon be celebrating how we worked together.

So to help honour the occasion on the anniversary of VE Day, we have set  KS3 some challenges to do for their History work for the next two weeks.  We wanted them to be creative so don't be surprised if you get asked to learn the Lindy Hop, bake some wartime food, or have your own street party in your garden.

I am having a virtual tea party myself, online with the family, so I will be joining in on the baking tasks.

We would love you to send in pictures of this creativity to me here.

If you want to know more about VE Day there is a powerpoint (click on the picture below) and the challenges tasks we have set are here too.

Have a very enjoyable special VE Day Bank Holiday and remember the Dame Vera Lynn song - We'll Meet Again.

Mrs Read
Head of History

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