Posted on: July 9th 2019

Learning about The Cold War

As part of our Year 9 Curriculum, students study the Cold War and the affect it had on people, as well as how its impact is felt today.

In order to delve even deeper into our understanding of the Cold War and what it meant for ordinary people, students were given the opportunity to both ‘experience’ and be exposed to accounts from East and West Berlin in an active learning environment.


3The Class was separated into two sides with a “no man’s land” in the middle that represented the Berlin Wall, students were not allowed to cross this area. Students were then paired up in teams of three, and had to categorise primary sources into either ‘Victims’, ‘Perpetrators’, ‘Facilitators’, ‘Bystanders’ or ‘Resistors‘ with one person on one side of the wall and the other two on the other. This forced students to work together to communicate their ideas across ‘the wall’, while remaining separated.

The feelings of separation and frustration some students felt, also helped them to relate more closely with the accounts of people that they learning about.

They then reflected on these feelings and began to understand why some people risked everything to cross the Berlin Wall!

Mr Rowland



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