Posted on: January 23rd 2019


Warhammer Competition Time Number 2!

Once again, Mr Turner has some Warhammer 40k models for you to win.  This time, Daniel Molineux from Ergo Computing has kindly donated the kit.


You can win yourself some Astra Militarum figures and command part of the largest coherent fighting force in the galaxy.



Warhammer comp2To win, Mr Turner is looking for you to re-design the classic World War I recruitment poster as shown, but update it for the Grim Dark Future of Warhammer40K - to recruit the brave and fearless citizens of the Empire to join the Imperial Army.






Alongside the poster, he wants you to find out all about the original poster; who was this enigmatic moustachioed chap who spoke to a nation, what was his impact, why did these posters appear, and how did he help with World War 2?

All entries must be emailed to Mr Turner.

Posters can be hand drawn and scanned, all your research must be typed (you don’t need to write an essay just a few facts will do).

The winner will be announced at Club on Thursday 7th February - good luck!







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