Posted on: January 4th 2019

Warhammer competition

Christmas may be over but there are still gifts to be had.

Mr Turner has 2 boxes of Warhammer 40K goodies to give away to CHS students this month.


So get ready Wargamers, here is your chance to get your first unit for your army. Will you defend the Imperium of man against the Xenos threats across the Galaxy or will you fight for the greater good of the TAU Empire? The choice is yours.

What do you need to do?

Write a newspaper article of the first battle between these two armies from either the TAU or the Imperium’s viewpoint. Include the brave deeds performed by the heroes on the battlefield or the action that unfolded in space as giant ships collided and fought amongst the stars.

Present it like a modern day news article with pictures and eye witness statements, amaze Mr Turner with your knowledge of the stories of the grim darkness or of the far future where there is only war and win yourself a nice little post-Christmas treat!

All articles should be emailed to


Please indicate in the email whether you would like to win the Tau or the Space Marines set.


This competition is only open to club players and a winner will be chosen and announced at club on 24th January.

Good luck all.

Need some inspiration check out the regimental