Posted on: November 26th 2018

National Drill Competition

Having won the drill competition at the Royal Air Squadron Competition in June, CHS CCF RAF Section were invited to participate in the foot drill category of the National Drill Competition.  This competition is contested between the top teams from each of the six ATC regions and the top CCF RAF team (us).  To put that in perspective, there are over 200 CCF RAF Sections and 1000 ATC Squadrons meaning just being there is a huge achievement.

National drill comp 3rd place winners

After a short but intensive period of training a much-changed team travelled to RAF Honington for the competition.  The standard of drill was extremely high, with Chichester performing their sequence first and setting the standard for the remaining six teams.

Traditionally competition between CCF and ATC has been rife with ATC cadets invariably outperforming CCF with regards to drill.  In finishing third, Chichester High School CCF have shown just what hard work and team spirit can achieve.

Third place is the highest place a CCF team has ever finished in this competition.  Additionally, congratulations should be extended to L/CPL Palin who finished 3rd in the best drill NCO category.

Congratulations to everyone involved from the CHS community.



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