Posted on: October 5th 2018

The E.Y.E Project at CHS

We all had a wonderful day on Friday 5th October at the third E.Y.E Project Eco-Summit.

Mrs Jo McKeown – Head of School at Chichester High School said,

We are always delighted to host The E.Y.E Project at CHS.

Bringing Primary and Secondary school students together is so important to raise the awareness of the Eco-Summit.  We only have one planet and each new generation must take on the responsibilities of working to preserve it.

There were so many interesting and exciting projects taking place which start an important conversation point for children and adults.  Listening to pupils speaking so confidently and passionately was a real privilege.

It is a pleasure to see so many people involved in how we, as a community, can change to help our Planet, by doing little things each day.