Posted on: July 6th 2018

Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online: SwitchedOn Parents Campaign (July 2018)

Message from West Sussex County Council (WSCC)

One of the areas of focus within the Community Safety & Wellbeing (CSWB) Business Plan is ‘Safe Digital Life’. The aim of this work is to enable our residents to have safe digital lives. As a part of this, we are working alongside 'Get Safe Online' to help promote digital safety awareness through their campaigns.

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We wanted to make you aware that this month the Get Safe Online campaign is the ‘SwitchedOn Parents’ campaign, which goes live on Monday 02 July 2018 – The campaign’s focus is providing parents, grandparents and carers with tips and advice about keeping children safe when they’re online.

We think the content will be really relevant and useful for schools.

We will be tweeting key campaign messages via @WsxCommsafety - so please follow us and retweet, to help make as many people possible aware of this important advice.

Click on the picture below to go to the Get Safe Online website.

Get Safe Online

A leaflet for parents can be found here





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