Posted on: February 28th 2018

Yr13 trip to Stratford and Yorkshire

Lovely to have some updates from Ms Hodson and Ms Maskatiya whilst
 they've been on the Sixth Form trip.


Here we are with Year 13 on a Literary Magical Mystery Tour in Stratford. Bring on Haworth tomorrow!

Ms H and Ms M xx

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Parsonage is wonderful to see; personal and poignant particularly Emily Brontë's writing desk. The very spot where 'Wuthering Heights' was written. 

Snow was great too.

Moors this afternoon.

Ms H and Ms M xx

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Here is the next instalment: we were privileged to see the moors blanketed as they were with snow. Utterly gorgeous before a blizzard hit. Back to Stratford ...

Ms H and Ms M xx

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A crisp morning at Anne Hathaway's cottage. Students took the opportunity to recite their favourite Shakespeare sonnet in the Cottage Garden.

And so we bid a fond farewell to our sojourn into literary heaven.

Adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Ms H and Ms M xx

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