Posted on: November 15th 2017

Charlie Lawlor

Charlie Portrait2 1 of 1 largeCongratulations to Charlie Lawlor who is winning within his sport. He is part of the official Dominator Action Sports team.

1st National Competition winner 2017!

Dominator Scooters are one of the foundational brands within the freestyle scooter industry. Originating out of the USA, Dominator Scooters are a recognised value for money scooter brand.

Back in 2009 the first full batch of Dominator Scooters were produced, quickly gaining rider acknowledgement.



Early on it became clear that there was a need for top-quality complete scooters, designed and priced from beginner to intermediate level.

Originally launched as a parts brand they now run a range of complete scooters for all levels of riders. #earnyourwings

Screenshot 20171114 193505 Charlie Lawlor



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