Remote Learning

Welcome to the Chichester High School Remote Learning Zone

To find out information about the online software packages we use,
please select an option from the menu.

PlayStation and XBox devices


Did you know that you can use an Xbox or PlayStation to access Google Classroom.

Both platforms have Internet browsers and you can plug in a keyboard/mouse in them too!

Mr Barclay has created some instructions.
You can view them here

There are some other websites for support here 

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If you need support, please contact Mr Turner

Class charts
The Office can give you student and parent codes

Gcsepod master identity gradient transparent

Sign in with School email and password, further problems contact Mr Barclay


Seneca – subject teachers will give class codes, passwords can be reset here

Hegarty maths

Hegarty maths - subject teachers can rest passwords, as can Mr Coles


Kerboodle - subject teachers can rest passwords