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We believe NCS is an opportunity that all year 11 and 12 pupils should have the chance to engage with.

At Chichester High School we are committed to working with NCS, as we have been for many years. Throughout Years 11 and 12 there will be a range of opportunities for pupils to meet and engage with NCS ambassadors and work towards the NCS Summer workshops in the summer of 2019.

What is NCS?  The National Citizenship Service is a part-residential youth programme taking place out of term time, which develops the skills and confidence of young people. NCS is founded on the three key principles of social cohesion, social engagement and social mobility.

Please see the NCS website for further details, click on the picture below.



CHS NCS Programme 2020 - 21
The programme is on hold whilst COVID-19 is currently with us.

CHS NCS Programme 2018 - 19 (historical)

Date Year Group Focus
Monday 10th September 12 Introduction to NCS
Monday 10th September 10/11 & ARC Team Building and the Year Ahead
Thursday 2nd September Year 11 & 12 What is NCS?
Monday 7th January Year 11 Introduction to NCS
Tuesday 15th February Year 10/11/12
and ARC
  • Relationships Workshop with ARC students
  • Seminar at Aiming High Event
  • Lunchtime stand for all pupils
Monday 4th February Year 11 Signing Up for NCS Summer 2019