Teacher Led Action Research

September 2016 saw the launch of an ambitious project that will put CHS at the cutting edge of teacher based research. 

With the expert help of James Mannion @rethinking_ed from Cambridge University, all teachers at the High School have begun developing research projects where they are focussing on a particular area of interest and testing whether or not it has an impact on student outcomes.

Research ideas range from whether playing music in drama lessons helps with Year 9 pupil premium boys' concentration to what kind of homework tasks are most effective in increasing the quality of homework handed in by SEND students. The range and depth of the suggested research titles will produce results that will be shared across the school by all teachers and on the Praxis website where ideas are shared globally.

Before Christmas, teaching staff refined their research question and identified a small group of students with whom they will be carrying out their project. The next step, in March, will be to analyse the data produced and draw a conclusion so that the results can be shared amongst all teaching staff.

An overview of our initial work can be found here