Student Council


We are very pleased to announce the new Head Girl/Boy for 2017/8 as follows:

Head Girls: Jasmine and Lauren 

Head Boys: Jasper and Ben 


The student council are ambassadors for the School, they are role models and attend events for all school years. Duties include organising sixth form events, both social and to raise funds for their chosen charities. 


This year we have selected 3 charities to support. They are:

  • Stonepillow  - a local charity supporting the homeless by offering short-term shelter as well as by aiming to empower those most vulnerable to make positive changes in their lives and ultimately to integrate into society with homes and jobs.
  • Bassy’s Charity - a charity established to support a Kenyan orphanage and the students who frequent there, in loving memory of a student from our Sixth Form.
  • The Rainbow Trust – a charity that cares for families with children with life-threatening illnesses or with those that are terminally ill. Providing both emotional and practical support to whoever needs it. 


Our Student Council