Posted on: January 30th 2018

Year 7 rugby team

The Year 7 Rugby team continued their resurgence this afternoon with a fantastic victory over Christ’s Hospital.

Even though they were missing Harvey Ellis through injury they all pulled together to produce a very encouraging performance.

IMG 7076

Marcel Tourmentin and Scott White both scored 2 tries each and Eden Elkington also contributed.

The final score was CHS 25 - Christ’s Hospital 20.

Please congratulate the boys when you see them tomorrow.

Mr Carroll

1. Drew Goodall 
2. Ernie Spencer 
3. Reef Hawthorne
4. Clayton Relf 
5. Archie Eames
6. Marcel Tourmentin
7. Eden Elkington 
8. Charlie Thair 
9. Liam Colban
10. Scott White 
11. Tyler Fan
12.Harrison Simmons 
13. Charlie Thair 
14. Peter Blanks 
15 Joseph Slade
16. Brett Jenkins