Posted on: August 24th 2017

CHS GCSE Results Day

CHS GCSE Results 2017

We are very delighted to celebrate with our first cohort of students from Chichester High School today. It is the culmination of much hard work, many exams and an incredible amount of preparation and all our young people deserve to celebrate their success as they look forward to the next stages of their journey in education.

Despite the concerns nationwide about the changes to the Maths and English grading system, the new GCSEs in English and Maths have not been affected by the volatility of grades that was expected; our students have achieved a fabulous 75% standard pass in English and an equally impressive 72% in Maths. We are so excited that many of our students are staying on with us to study in our Sixth Form, including Head Girl Nisha Tharmarajah who achieved Grade 9 English, 2 A*s as well as 6 grade As.
She will be studying Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

CHS GCSE Results Day 24.08.17  (10)Congratulations must also go to Lauren Farndell, pictured left - our highest achieving student with 9A*, 1 grade A as well as Grade 9s in English and Maths.
Lauren will continue to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry with us.

Amongst our top achievers who have garnered the top grades are:

Sarah Adlington, Joseph Allen, Charesse Armatey, Cleo Badcock - who is going onto study at the prestigious Rambert School, Eve Barry, Binnie Burgess, Saffron Byfield-Riches, Sophie Canlin, Reisha Chudasama, Declan Curtis, Mia Dannatt, William Harding, Jenny Horton, Amy Howells, Jenny Liu, Megan Le-Marchant, George Matthews-Smith, India Pascoal-Lawrence, Georgia Perez, Millicent Rice, George Scutt, Hope Sargent, William Stephens, Olivia Warwick, Emma Watson, Poppy Wiseman and Lucy Wright.

All our students and staff showed real determination to succeed in such a potentially volatile year for education and at CHS we are delighted to have achieved 63% of pupils passing English and Maths. This, coupled with our excellent A Level results last week, is truly the beginning of a very exciting and successful time for our new Chichester High School.

Executive Principal, Yasmin Maskatiya, said: ‘Success as a teacher is all about how our students achieve and, on behalf of the school as a whole, I am ridiculously pleased with the achievements in our first year as a merged school.

‘This has been a really lovely group of young people who have wholeheartedly embraced the changes in the school but, impressively, they have also given their best to their academic study. I think they are going to set some records as a group of A - Level students too!’