CHS Springwatch

After a long and cold winter, we are all impatiently awaiting the start of spring. With astronomical spring beginning on the 21st March (the spring equinox) there is still, infuriatingly, more than a week ago.

Chicks 2

To usher in the new season and longer days a little earlier, we at Chichester High School have decided to try and help Mother Nature along.

Monday 12th March

We have taken delivery of 10 fertilised chicken eggs in an incubator.

There will be a webcam focused on them 24 hours a day waiting for them to hatch; this can be accessed via the school website

Students and staff will be able to visit the newly hatched chicks and learn about new life, first hand.

Once the eggs have ‘hatched’ we will officially declare the start of spring!

Mr Meredith
Head of Science

Chicks 1

Click on the picture below to go to the BBC Springwatch website